personal communication


Directly share your webcam online and make your conversation personal. Turn your phone calls into contact moments.

share documents

Share and co-browse

Share and synchronize your content. Co-browse support for all popular file formats, including pptx, pdf, excel and docx. Want to use premade iPad content? We fully support HTML 5.

online platform

A platform for success

Inphra is built with the latest technology. Our platform is stable, secure and scalable. But most importantly? So easy to use that technology takes away barriers instead of creating them. No installations. No Apps. No fuzz.

Some big numbers

live online communication


93% of communication effectiveness is determined by nonverbal cues. Make your conversations personal again with high-quality video.

mobile compatible

Mobile devices

Internet traffic from mobile devices has grown 67% in 1 year. Mobile support without apps or downloads is a must in today's market.

direct selling online

Online shopping

80% of internet users aged 12 to 74 years are comfortable with online shopping and have done purchases in the past.

Online Communication. Supercharged.

Inphra Online is not another webconferencing platform. Our focus is delivering and enabling personal online interactions. No matter if you want to drive productivity or sales, we can deliver: introducing the world'ss first direct online communication platform right from your browser. No exceptions.

Statistics and tracking.
Measure what matters.

Our goal is to help you quickly see the big picture and take control of converting leads into results. Inphra Online measures how your interactions directly drives your KPIs. Know exactly what creates real value for your business and how to do more of it. Integrate your online communications with your CLM system and close your marketing loop.

Boost Employee Productivity.
Power performance

Integrate online meetings into your regular in-person meetings. Save travel costs and avoid rush hour or even that transatlantic flight. Complete projects faster by holding online review sessions and collaborate with colleagues with the click of a mouse.

Not convinced yet?
We love to demo!

Drop us a line if you want to see more. A specialist will host a 30-minute Web session to walk your team through Inphra Online and show the benefits of collaborative product delivery and how it can transform the way you deliver products to your customers. We will contact you within 1-2 business days to schedule a demo.

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